How does earning traffic work?

To earn traffic,just click the earn coins button after you login then click the bright blue button "click here to start" Your browser will then start surfing other users websites via a iframe all your information is hidden.

What are Coins?

Coins are credits used for delivering hits to your websites.

What are Hits?

Hits are the number of times your website has been viewed.

How do I get Coins?

You can earn free Coins by viewing other members' websites. Alternatively, you can purchase a Coins package.

Is there a exe file i can leave to run?

We are working on a type of software which you can login to the software usering your login information and leave run. The web based version will also be still available. This software will only be able to work on windows computers or mobile phones and tablets

Can I run multiple tabs to surf?

No, only one tab should be open while "surfing". Users are allowed to run the website via a few computers or vps tho.

Am i safe to surf?

All websites which are added to the traffic exchange are checked by staff daily. We use very good coding methods so when you re surfing other users sites via our website you are hidden behind a iframe this will also hide your ip and everything else.We also check for pop outs daily.

How long does it take for me to receive my first coin?

It takes a matter of seconds once you start "surfing" the coin will be added right to your account

When will I start receiving hits?

We get asked this a lot by email. Once you start surfing other users sites you will start to gain coins which are shown at the top of the website, Once you have a few you are able to add your website or youtube video to the site has soon has someone hits your link the coin will be removed from your account and you will see it go down live. When your coins hit 0 your site will be taken out of the "view part" until you bring your coins back up. So your site will be viewed by it self has long has your coins are there.

How do I check if the hits are delivered to my website?

Your can click on the "your websites" tab which will show you stats

How do I earn money?

You can earn money from the purchases of members that you have referred to hitincreaser.

How do I refer people?

You can refer people by sharing them your referral link displayed on the Referrals page.

What are Website Slots?

Each website you submit will reserve one Website Slot.Free users will be given one slot to start with, This means users will be able to add one link more slots can be bought.

What are Hitincreaser Viewer Slots?

Hitincreaser Viewer Slots indicate the number of Hitincreaser Viewer instances you can run at the same time. Each Hitincreaser Viewer instance must have a different IP address.

How many hits do I get for my coins?

One coin gives you two hits to your site. You gain two coins per a view to someone Else's website.

What is the Visit Duration?

Visit Duration is the amount time that each visitor spends on your website.

How much website traffic can hitincreaser deliver?

This depends on the availability of hits and the Hourly Limit you have configured for your website. You can increase the speed of hits by submitting the same website multiple times.

What is the Traffic Exchange Ratio?

The Traffic Exchange Ratio is the percentage of Coins that you earn for the time you keep the hitincreaser software running.

What is the Traffic Source feature?

Traffic Source is how the origin of your traffic will look like. You can choose to receive Direct hits or enter a Custom URL to receive Referral traffic from the URL of your choice.

Is the traffic adsense safe ?

If set up correct then yes this is safe to work with adsense. When adding a youtube video or a site which has adsense ads on please set the referral to something like or this will tell adsense / youtube that all the traffic is coming from this place.If you do not set a referral all traffic will show has its coming from hitincreaser traffic from the same place will not work setting a referral such has facebook will show its coming from muti profiles etc.